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With Only Dental Leads™, you’ll be the first dentist to connect with new families moving into your service area -- using our cutting-edge, variable data marketing program of precision-targeted, personalized postcards. There’s no wasted money, paper or postage. And our program has proven to be significantly more effective than non-personalized mass-saturation or “occupant” mailings.

That’s because your Only Dental Leads marketing program is personalized for each prospective patient on beautiful, attention-grabbing, extra-large color postcards that are customized for your practice. It’s targeted with pinpoint accuracy to reach your ideal patients – upper-income new movers in your area -- while it’s perfectly timed with the right message each month. And once you’re signed up, it’ll be exclusive to you for as long as you need it.

After all, doesn’t it make sense to be the first dentist to personally connect with new movers, the very people who are, in fact, in need of a new dentist?

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Only Dental Leads vs. Generic Postcards

Only Dental Leads' exclusive program of 8 ½” x 5 ½” color postcards* are precision-targeted to recent upper-income movers in your area with a personalized message from your practice -- for greatly improved results.

ODL postcard generic postcard

Mass postcards using saturation or occupancy lists like this are always going to be generic. They aren’t precision-targeted and can’t be personalized. So there’s a lot of waste and they’re significantly less effective.

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*To see more of Only Dental Leads' personalized postcard designs, please visit our Design Gallery.

Our direct marketing services are different - -
because they’re as unique as every prospective patient!

Here’s how they work for your dental practice:

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We customize your postcards with a personalized message for each prospective new patient

Once you choose the postcard styles from our Design Gallery, we customize your postcard campaign using your dental practice’s logo, address, locator map, phone number, website and any new-patient special offers you choose. Your postcards are then personalized for each prospective-patient recipient during the printing process using our advanced, state-of-the art Variable Data Printing presses. To learn more about Variable Data Printing, click here.

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We precision-target your ideal patient - upper-income new movers in your area - with perfectly timed messages

Each month, we’ll automatically send out your customized postcards with a perfectly timed personalized message (for one, three or six months after a move) to the upper-income new movers in your zip code area. At the same time, we’re also sending out follow-up postcards with an appropriate, perfectly timed personalized message for up to six months after a move. Meanwhile, we’re adding to your list with new movers each month and deleting records as they become patients or as necessary.

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We provide 100% turnkey fulfillment, proof of delivery and the lowest costs in the industry

Our highly effective program is 100% turnkey. We customize our extra-large professionally designed 8 ½” x 5 ½” color postcards for your practice. We qualify, collect and maintain your precision-targeted mail list and data each month. We personalize, print and perfectly time your postcards, mail them and provide the proof. We do all of this for the lowest production costs in the industry, while guaranteeing you full exclusivity in your area for as long as you need our services.

About Only Dental Leads

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Only Dental Leads is a variable-data direct marketing company created for only one purpose: To help you grow your dental practice with your ideal patients as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Only Dental Leads was founded by marketing experts who have been helping business owners grow with successful direct outreach marketing programs since 2005.

We’re proud to employ an unsurpassed team of marketing professionals, content writers, graphic artists and web masters. Together, we lead the industry in innovation and skill by focusing our efforts in specific niche markets, while using cutting-edge technology and proven strategies that have not failed to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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